Radio Control - BLHeli problems

  • im tryin to reverse my little bee 20amp escs through blheli through the cleanflight option. i am constantly getting this error. i have no idea whats wrong. ive watched numerous tutorials but none have touched or mentioned this specific problem. if someone could tell me whats happening and maybe help i would really appreciate it.

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    Good evening, I am currently using an eagle tree elogger, eagle tree pro osd with a Bloc Neo 6 GPS. The problem is that the GPS goes in cycles. Twenty seconds of no connection followed by four seconds registering nine or more satellites then back to no connection again. I have tried everything in the elogger menus but without success. I have noted that the operation light is blinking most of the time. Any ideas please??? Or have I got a duff gps???

  • Radio Control - MinimOSD Problems

    Hello everybody, I have some big problems with the MinimOSD. I´ve installed the ArduCam v2.2 Firmware and the matching Charset. Everything worked perfect. Until I tried to install the MinimOSD Extra R800 Firmware. There is no GPS Fix, no live update for the current and the volts, just one time with arming. I´ve tried to go back to ArduCam v2.2., but it dind´t work. The Charset is out of the screen. regards ironman

  • Radio Control - BLheli esc with naza

    Hello, I'm building a tarot 650 with a naza lite. I'd like to take those ESC : Will they work with naza ? Will i have advantages of blheli firmware ? If it's not necessary, let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone have an idea of what's causing this? Doesn't happen all the time...but I do get this every now and then...Just trying to figure out why and avoiding it. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Radio Control - BLHeli Damped Light with Large Props

    My setup: - Custom quad-X 240mm frame - Lumenier RX2206-11 2350kv motors - DAL 6x4.5 2-blade props - Lumenier mini 20A Autoshot ESCs re-flashed with latest BLHeli firmware - Motolab Cyclone running Betaflight 2.3.5 I have two other quads running the same ESCs with BLHeli firmware and Betaflight 2.3.5 and both work very well with damped light mode enabled. These other two quads have 4 and 5 inch props on 1806 and 2204 motors respectively (185 frame and 210 frame). On this setup, damped light appears to be causing the motors to behave erratically when reducing throttle quickly (which should be braking the motors). Instead of the motors slowing down quickly, they seem to stay at the same speed and then gradually slow down in a chaotic manner. The quad will bounce around a lot and the motors make a grinding noise when this happen. It hovers just fine and the motors have good acceleration. Just not good deceleration. If I turn off damped light, everything is fine. The motors slow down li

  • Radio Control - BLHeli error writing to the flash

    When trying to flash my DYS SN20A escs through cleanflight i am met with the error: "error writing to the flash". The error message shows up instantly after hitting the flash button. Now all my esc's show a message saying that flashing of them has failed and therefore the whats on them might be corrupt but i cant seem to reflash them. All of the escs are currently running 14.0. If anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks in advance. - Oliver

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    I have 2 different scanners and 2 different computers haveing 2 different operating systems (WIN and Ubuntu) ... and I am haveing the same problem with each. When I scan something and print it ... the scanned image prints out smaller images than the origional was. I've been messing around off and on for over a week ... nothing seems to have any effect. Has anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions...

  • Radio Control - Connection problems via USB/Mavlink

    Hello All, This may be old news to some, but if it takes forever for mission planner to connect to your APM/Pixhawk board then you might try the following, manually increase the size of your virtual memory in Control Panel. I doubled the size of mine to 5300 and rebooted. Planner used to take forever to load, especially in "Loading Params1" part and most times just froze up. I suppose the real cure is more physical memory, but this worked great for me. Also, many of you no doubt have newer machines with more memory etc. So this may not be required for you. Hope this helps you.:) Please repost to better,more relevant section, if there is one.

  • Radio Control - BLHeli ESC Calibration - Noob question

    Hi there, First of all- please excuse me for my bad English, it isn't my first language (neither my second..) And to the point- When, lets say, I assemble a new quad and reaching the ESC calibration stage- what should I do? 1. Calibrate using my TX (full throttle, connect battery, ESC beeps, minimum throttle, more beeps, disconnect battery). 2. Calibrating using the Cleanflight GUI (same as #1, but via the Motors tab, not the TX itself). 3. Connecting directly to the ESC's using BLHeli Suite and manually changing the ESC "PPM Min/Max Throttle" to 1000-2000 (or min_commad-max_throttle?) What's even the difference between the 3 methods? Is any one of them "more correct" than the other? Thanks a lot in advance, and im sorry I had to bother you with my noob questions haha :D

  • Radio Control - ESC Problems

    Hi, Last weekend I was flying my Citrin, which is equipped with a jeti mater spin 99 pro and a Hacker q80 14xs and about one minute after take off the motor shut down and the esc disarmed, to recover the plane I had to rearm the esc mid-air. I saw this happen on the World Championship. Any idea of what it could be? I checked everything, program, electronics, battery, connectors everything and couldn't find a thing.