Dell - 960M Overheating on XPS 15 9550

  • Playing a game like Overwatch, 5 minutes into the game, the GPU will slowly increase in temp until it reaches 92c at which point thermal throttling will kick in and drop the temperature down to 75c... And my FPS to a magnificent XBOX-like 30 FPS... Here is what I've tried so far.
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  • Dell - Speaker keeps ling, flickering screen on XPS 15 9550 4K

    I received my laptop YESTERDAY. It is running the latest drivers: for Intel Graphics 530, v.; and for the audio, v. The specs are as follows:

  • Dell - Cannot (re)activate Windows 10 Home on XPS 15 9550

    The product key for the computer is an OEM key while the key needed is probably a retail or other key which is why its not working. You can go here and download the restore image if available. The computer must be registered to you as far as I am aware.

  • Notebook - GPU Throttling on XPS 15 9550

    So I was playing Guild Wars 2 today and I noticed the following throttling occuring after about 10-15 minutes of play: View attachment 129837 It throttles from ~1100 MHz to about 700-750 MHz and stays there until I tab out or exit the game, is this just a design issue with the system or a driver/bios/etc. problem?

  • Notebook - Dell Power Companion throttling XPS 15 9550 CPU

    On BIOS 01.01.19, when I plug the 18000mah Dell Power Companion in to my XPS 15 9550, the CPU locks to it's x9.0 multiplier. It's as if it's setting the CPU speed on how much power is coming in to the laptop (as the Power Companion is too weak to charge it). This reminds me of the old issue of the CPU multiplier locking when removing the power connector, which now seems to force the CPU to drop to x9.0 multiplier before climbing back up slowly (so it's not instance, but good enough). Does... Dell Power Companion throttling XPS 15 9550 CPU

  • Notebook - Charging via USB-C port on XPS 15 9550 / Precision 5510

    Hi, Standard power adapter for the Dell XPS 9550 is 130W. I am not aware of any USB-C charger with that high power. Is anyone using the USB-C port to charge their laptop? Is yes, which adapter are you using? Thanks!

  • Dell - My odissey with XPS 15 9550

    and it has one or maybe two dead pixels


    It appears the update has made things much much worse Luckily I managed to roll back to A06 which must be the previous release as its the only one on the downloads page. Anyone else find the update made things much worse? Be good to know what Dell is doing to sort this out (again).

  • Dell - HDMI port on XPS 15 L521x

    Is the HDMI port on the Dell XPS 15 L521x an incoming port, an outgoing port, or both? Can it be used to plug in an HDMI input or is it just for displaying your computer screen on a TV with an outgoing signal?

  • Dell - Keyboard Backlight adjust - XPS 15 9550 Win10

    Hi can it be adjusted to stay on longer? TIA

  • Dell - Dell WD15 180W with XPS 15 9550

    Hi dvu714, Thanks for posting. Here's the manual, you may find your answers there. Post back if you have additional questions, and the experts here will be happy to respond. Thanks. Regards, Robert