Lenovo - moto g5 plus touch screen not responsive

  • I recently bought Moto G5 plus from Motorola UK website. I found the touch screen not being responsive as it would stutter or be just sticky to change. I had to touch on every icon couple of times just to get a response. Touch screen seemed bit sticky as if tardy and resistant to move or change or scroll down. I tried this in various apps and encountered the same problem. I did safe mode and Reset but the problem didnt go away. Eventually i had to return it and I am waiting to hear from Motorola. They have offered to send me brand new handset but i am worried that i might face the same problem. I had Samsung core prime which is almost a 3 year old phone but its screen flows up and down and changes or responds phenomenally! Following which I had Moto G4 plus that behaved brilliantly for 3 months and then SCREEN started to give me Ghost Touch problems! I wouldn't have bought Moto G5 plus but for its excellent reviews and here I am again with Tocuh Screen problems! Any thoughts on my experience?

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