Lenovo - moto g5 plus touch screen not responsive

  • I recently bought Moto G5 plus from Motorola UK website. I found the touch screen not being responsive as it would stutter or be just sticky to change. I had to touch on every icon couple of times just to get a response. Touch screen seemed bit sticky as if tardy and resistant to move or change or scroll down. I tried this in various apps and encountered the same problem. I did safe mode and Reset but the problem didnt go away. Eventually i had to return it and I am waiting to hear from Motorola. They have offered to send me brand new handset but i am worried that i might face the same problem. I had Samsung core prime which is almost a 3 year old phone but its screen flows up and down and changes or responds phenomenally! Following which I had Moto G4 plus that behaved brilliantly for 3 months and then SCREEN started to give me Ghost Touch problems! I wouldn't have bought Moto G5 plus but for its excellent reviews and here I am again with Tocuh Screen problems! Any thoughts on my experience?

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    The touchscreen of my Yoga 2 13 is not working only in particular areas. There are 4 lines with a different width that are unresponsive (i have marked them with numbers in the image below).Image: http://i.imgur.com/6KhUvVT.png When i move my finger through the display, the touch screen works as expected until it gets to one of those lines. It is unresponsive only there. When I try to draw there, it just connects the place where my finger entered the bugged area with the place it exited it. Is there a way to fix this issue if the problem is not caused by the hardware?

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    I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 300 11IBY laptop. It had windows 10 installed on it. I formatted it and clean installed Windows 8.1. I downloaded all the drivers from the Lenovo support site. However, the I2C and GPIO driver is not getting installed. It says "The platform is not supported". Also, the touchscreen is not working at all. What should I do?

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    I have just bought the Moto G4 Plus and i am finding it hard to find a case and screen protector for this device. Does anyone know where i can get a quality case and or screen protector?  I do understand the screen on the moto g4 plus is gorilla glass but i would aslo like to have the screen protector and i would love a case to increase the protection of the phone, preferably a tough case. 

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    PLEASE HELP - just did full a WINDOWS 8 RESET and cycled power several times and still no pen and touch.  (original post below)   What is Code 45 in device manager? What next?      Re: Yoga 2 Pro Touch screen not working 05-31-2016 10:00 PM  Im having same problem and hating it with no touch screen - pls help - touch screen was fine until I left a usb memory stick in too long and laptop was in tablet mode and automatically went to power save hibernate. When I woke it up the touch screen isnt working and "Pen and touch" is disabled- have read all these posts and now disabled USB power mngmt- dont want to upgrade to Windows 10- wanted to avoid complete reinstall Windows (basically dont want to lose MS Office)- DevMngr hidden devices shows a HID-compliant touch screen "Currently this device is not connected to the computer (Code 45)- laptop is Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (with touchscreen) and Windows 8.1

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    Don't know how many of you are getting this problem... After unlocking screen and going into an messaging app, the keyboard would work fine after typing 10 letters or so and then the entire app would freeze. Pressing home button will jump you out, but then the whole system would not respond to touch. Only way to solve it was to lock -> unlock and it would be okay again or at times occur within another 10 seconds

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    Hi,I have a Motorola X Pure(Indian Edition), I bought the phone in March of this year, there's a issue which i have been facing back from 3 months that is touch of the screen always fails, if you'll check my previous posts on the forum you'll understand!1st time it occured in month of April got fixed in Mumbai2nd time it occcured in April ending it got fixed by begining of June, Thanks to your service center as they were really hesistant to take my phone.(CTG/MG/16/00264 this is the work order number)3rd time was5 days after June 3rd that time I was in US so i wasn't able to process it.Can someone tell me what's wrong with my phone.Why the issue is re-occuring?With Regards,Rohan Singh. 

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    I brought an new Moto G4 Plus from Amazon and when i plug my Moto Headphone which i received with my Phone controls is not working I can't able to attend call and Music player support also not working.

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    Hi,      Recently I bought Moto G4 plus from amazon india and found that headphone is getting very loosely connected in audio jack. I even tried other headphones which i had but its the same.       Anybody else facing same issue? Any solutions?