Lenovo - Android 7.1.1

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    Estou acompanhando as noticias, e vi que os Moto G4 Play e Plus e Z Play já receberam a atualização do android, alguma informação sobre a liberação para o Moto Z?




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    Hi is Motorola updating the x play to android 6.1 soon does anyone know (new to this forum) thanks people

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    Hy, this is my third post about issues with my K5.I surfed all day long on the internet to find solution about my problem above.Situation: When I use a third party alarm clock (f.e.: Alarmy) on my phone and set it to alarm me at x o'clock, it won't be able to do it's wotk, because of....because of I don't know why. For example, if I set it to 6 o'clock am, if I'm lucky, it will alarm at 6:10 or 6:15. Some people wrote that maybe a new Google feature, or change in the system caused the problem. If I use the official alarm clock included the system, it works correctly, and wake me up in time. Did anybody meet with this annoying bug? I can't find out what to do to solve the problem.

  • Lenovo - Miui 7 v7.1.2.0 lenovo a7000 with patch swap to sdcard

    Hello every bodyThis is last update of miui stable _global v7.1.2.0 from redmi note 2 to lenovo a7000 ported by me and I will update it continuouslyThanks to:-Official lenovo a7000 Indonesia groupXda fourmLet's start.....Rom FeaturesMiui 7 Features .Lollipop Android 5.0.1All functions workingRooted with laste supersu v2.66Add new cool bootlogoAdd new cool bootanimationAdd og youtube laste versionReplaced google play to system appDolby atmos sound .Fhd video recording .Smooth better than official stock romPatch swap to sdcardNo Bugs expect led notification (I will try to fix it)For download visit my bloghttp://mediatekmobile.blogspot.com.eg/2016/01/miui7-v7120-lenovo-a7000-with-patch.html?m=1

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    Hello everyone,I updated my brand new Yoga Tablet 2-1050F to Android 5.0.1 and most of the time, some error message appear on my screen ''system.ui has stopped working''. You can press the ''OK'' button but it will again like 2 seconds after you clicked it. I updated every google apps that i found. I also tried to delete the cache partition and also did a factory reset. I saw a lot of people having this problem with different android peripheral but didn't find much when i tried to check on the lenovo community. Anyone have a solution for me?Thanks for your time.

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    My k3 Note had Android 5.0 pre-installed. But was never offered an update later. I learn that there had been bug fixes and other refreshments in later released Android updates. Is it possible for me to update to a better version? If yes, how?

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    Team, Pl sugget. How i can upgrade to Android Lolipop 5.1.1 version on my Lenovo A7000.   Best reagrds... Dipak

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    For India retail xt 1550 6.0.1 update with March security patch it release but only few people got this update why am not getting this update? Anyone captured that update? If captured plz share link

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     Motorola has updated the release notes for Android 6.0.1 with March Security Patch on its official website.The release notes are updated for both Moto G (3rd Gen) & Moto G Turbo. Motorola has updated the release notes but the devices has not received the updates.The links of the release notes are as follows: Moto G (3rd Gen)https://motorola-mobility-en-in.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/110324 Moto G Turbohttps://motorola-mobility-en-in.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/110390 When will motorola release the update to the devices?

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    Updated my x play to 6.0.1 along with the March security patch included . Size of update 387mb. Takes 35-40 minutes to complete installation and optimization. Sense a feel of increased smoothness to the UI. Motorola is the best when it comes to updates for Android.

  • Lenovo - ROMs no oficiales y ROM Android 6.1.1 oficial - Lenovo Vibe 1 P1c72

    Buenas, He leído en algún foro en el que ya no se puede comentar, que algún compañero ha utilizado alguna rom externa y le está yendo bien... podríais poner enlaces de esas ROMs antes de que no funcionen los enlaces, decir que versión de Android tienen y si las recomendáis o no, para enriquecernos un poco. Por otro lado, DESCONOZCO la política de actualización de Roms de Lenovo, se que la de otros fabricantes como Xioami es brutal de buena, pero, ¿sabéis si vamos a poder disponer de la versión de Android 6.1.1? porque es urgente que cambiemos de versión de kernel para no estar expuestos a exploits... mirar esta noticia de hace 6 días: https://www.ccn-cert.cni.es/seguridad-al-dia/noticias-seguridad/3631-vulnerabilidad-de-linux-afecta-a-dispositivos-android.html Así pues, ¿qué tal actualiza esta gente? (yo soy muy nuevo y sólo puedo decir que traducen fatal y los menús de ajustes son muy lamentables, los más pequeños que he visto nunca). Â¿Y qué