Skype - Chat problems

  • Hello, i am receiving unknown chats when i am talking with my friends.

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  • Skype - Skype Group Chat Problems

     Skype has been acting real weird recently.  I can't see messages in one of my group chats on my laptop, yet I can see them on my phone just fine.  Is this some type of bug?  Also there's this thing where Skype tell me that people are online even though they clearly aren't online. 

  • Skype - Skype Chat Command Problems

    I was messing around with skype chat commands yesterday, and figured out how to -JOINING_ENABLED. which normally just disables adding people, and I tried it in another p2p conversation that I created, and when I /get options it dosent show up as that feature is removed currently.

  • Skype - Group chat problems

    Group chats don't send/deliver/receive any messages, I've been searching for a solution this entire week, did try the /msnp24 command, looked to the hosts file,  reinstaled the last version and other things I don't remember. I've tried as well in another computer, it didn't worked as well, but the one who uses this computer can chat normally both in his PC and in mine. I think its something with my account, but I don't know what. /dumpmsnp shows: MSNP: Connection Data (MSNP24): * Status: NetStateDisconnected * Server Current:

  • Skype - Chat groups messages together

    Ok look here, I do not know what something was thinking when they decided to change the  Skype messaging in the lastest update; I say something because surely no person could have thought of something so idiotic and troublesome. You see, ever since I downloaded the latest Skype update something peculiar happens when I engage in any type of conversation, be it in a group or individual, the messages of each person begin to group up and it appears that Skype is prioritizing your own messages to be seen at all times. This results in a person having to scroll and search for another persons reply, this is especially irritating in group chats of 10+. It gets so bad that each person in a chat just has a block of each persons messages making it completely unable to read yours or any other persons messages. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU! STOP THIS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? PLEASE GIVE ME A SOLUTION, FOR ME AND FOR EVERYONE ELSE! I really do love Skype, I put up with most stupid things, but rea

  • Skype - Connection Problems With Desktop App

    I started having this problem 6 days ago, ill be signed out random. and when i sign in via Desktop App. it says it doesnt recognize my loggin info. but when i sign in using via Web Site, it works. what could be the problem?

  • Skype - Chat

    How do you chat ? Or set up a picture ??

  • Skype - Multiple problems with installation/usage

    Firstly, i have windows 10 which may be causing some of the problems. Installing skype:It straight up is impossible to use the standard installer, as it says it cannot connect to the download server (no there are no firewalls blocking it unless it is going through some secret unknown tunnel that i cant do anything about). I have used multiple .msi installers and skypesetupfull installers, and they seem to work, however checking for updates is impossible as it says download of the skype update failed. Usage:anything that is in a group is impossible, nothing shows up that i am currently in a group, and any new groups i create are never shown to anyone that i add, and i cannot call them or send messages(always says message not delivered). If others add me to different groups it wont show up on the skype on my PC but will show up just fine on my phone. This is horribly frustrating , and i have no idea other than there is another port that skype uses that has been blocked for some

  • Skype - iPad problems

    Can anyone tell me why I can't sign in to my SKYPE on my iPad?  I can sign in on my desktop AND my iPhone.  But, my iPad won't let me.  

  • Skype - CHAT: editing and emoticon animation issues

    So I got a new PC with Windows 10, downloaded Skype, and it seems to work fine, except for these two things: 1. Sometimes in group chats I can't see my new edited message. I post something and when I change it (press the up arrow and edit), the edited message appears to be saved and other participants see the new, edited message, although it doesn't update on my screen. Yet if I try to change the edited message again, it shows the new version in the text box, but it's still the first, unedited version in the actual chat. 2. Issue with hidden skype smileys: for some (or all) hidden smileys the aminations are not working. I tried turning emoticon animations on and off in the settings, but it does not help. I can see animations for all the normal smileys, but the secret ones like (sheep) and (drunk) are not moving. Does anybody have the cause or solution to this? P.S.Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this. If it is, then please redirect me to where it bel

  • Skype - Skype Chat Updates Late

    Okay so I had an earlier problem where "So I was just chilling and then my internet went down for 30 seconds and then it came back up. I checked my group call and it ended because I was host. After it ended, nothing would update. My friends were having a chat in it but it wouldn't update on my skype and I couldn't see it . They added a person to the group call but I didn't see the person that was added. So I checked skype on my phone and I saw the chat they were having. I checked my brother's computer and the skype group chat was updating and when I checked mine on my computer, still I don't see anything new and whatever I typed, nobody else could see it and it didn't effect the skype call. I signed out, restarted skype and even reinstalled skype and nothing happened. Yes I even uninstalled on my phone but I still didn't get updates on my group call on my computer. HELP PLS!" I pressed Accepted Solution because I thought I fixed it but no it's still glitched.