Radio Control - DX8 newbie problems

  • Hi all having trouble with dx8.have downloaded sailplane update to use on dlg glider.have bind to ar6260 giving me solid orange and solid red light.when connect digital servo/s orange light goes out.move sticks on tx no movement of servo/s -could cause be low tx battery?does it matter if frame rate set to 22 or 11ms and dsmx or dms2?when I go to system set up screen says Caution Confirm System Menu Access RF will be disabled NO YES ? what does this mean and how do I fix.any advice much appreciated thanks in advance dave
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    Hi all. Other easy question. Having a 6 channel Turnigy TX, 10 channel Turnigy RX (for voltage telemetry). What is the easiest way to add a switched aircraft-lost buzzer? I have watched videotutorials plugging CC3D, other using 6th channel. But mine is currently used by CC3D wire I have this on the mail Edit...the link is Thanks for any help! ^_Pepe_^

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    I bought the Micro MinimOSD for use with my Naze32 with Cleanflight but the artificial horizon on both the OSD and the "Instruments" tab in the Cleanflight configurator is inverted in only roll axis. Ive done my research to try and find the problem but Ive found nothing. The closest thing I found that matches my problem as a bug reported in Cleanflight which has since been fixed and it inverted both roll and pitch. Any help or ideas?

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    Hello I have a new Da50 engine that I am running and has nearly no use. I have tuned it but the problem is that my RPM wont pass 6000 no matter what propeller I use in the engine range. The iddle is fine and the transition is good too but the top RPM seems too low. I have used the following propellers with the same results +/- 200 rpm. 2 blade: 22x8 menz 22x8 mejzlik 3 blade 20x10 biela and 20x10 mejzlik I have checked the ignition abttery is fully charged and the throttle servo has full travel. Any ideas?

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    When I try to bind my dsmx satellite receiver I get this problem: dsmx binding problem (0 min 21 sec) The receiver was working on another board and I tried a different receiver same problem have tried 3 different sets of cables and all give this problem on this board.Never had this problem before so could use some help