Charging problems

  • My phone does not seem to be recharging. It's a Moto E, 2nd. generation, and it's 4 months old.  It got down to 2% battery, while plugged in, then it turned off. I've switched chargers and am trying one more time. After 20 minutes, it will still not
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  • Lenovo - Guess I'm not replacing my tablet with another lenovo: charging problems s6000L

    I'm reading on here that the usb charging hub wears out. I'm just beyond warranty, wouldn't you know.  Guess I learned the hard way that saving a few bucks really costs you in the long run.  At least I stabliized it long enough to get everything onto the sd card and remove my rhapsody files to I can re-load them onto my new non-lenovo tablet.

  • Lenovo - Charging problems Lenovo Tab2 A7 30HC

    I Faril, please help for problems Lenovo A7 30HC can not charge the battery if the tablet on, but can charge the battery if it is off, please how so back to normal again, thanks

  • Philips - charging problems

    I have a Go Gear Mix SA5Mxx04pf. I've had it a while but didn't use it much until recently, so if it was dead when I tried to turn it on I just thought I'd forgotten to charge it. but recently I've noticed that after it appears to be fully charged, if it's not used straight away then it goes dead. Last Friday I charged it, the battery display had a + in it, I assume that means it's fully charged. I disconnected it from the computer and switched it off. Then yesterday, only 6 days later, I tried to use it and it wouldn't switch on, was totally dead. what's going on? thanks

  • Nabi 2S: Charging problems, looking for charging port

    Hello, my daughter has a nabi 2S tablet and her tablet will no longer charge. I am looking to replace the charging port but don't know where to find it? Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I have bought new cables but I am for sure stuck on the charging port might be damaged.

  • Radio Control - Battery charging problems

    Having trouble charging my Wild Scorpion Lipo 4200mahs 3s battery for my quadrotor i tried everything from youtube but info is limited any help is appreciated

  • HP - not charging problems

    I got my HP Pavilion 17-f262nr Notebook on 7/4/15 and for several weeks now it says that it is plugged in but not charging. It's down to 86% so it has to be getting some power or it would be down even more. I have tried unplugging it and the longest I left it unplugged was a couple of hours. I had it unplugged from the laptop and the wall during this time. When I plugged it back in, my battery icon still says the same. My power adapter isn't ed or broken in appearance and the cord still looks new, just like the adapter. How ever, there have been times when it feels overly warm to the touch, which has occured from the time I bought it. The adapter is always out in plain site and not covered in any way so I can't see any reason that it should get overly warm. The adapter and pin it fits on, aren't loose either so I can't see that being the problem. Any suggestions? Could the power adapter be flawed and having issues itself? I don't know if mine is 32 or 64 bit. It was 8.1 and I

  • Lenovo - Yoga 3 pro 1370 - battery charging problems

    Please,  can somebody help me because service in Croatia cant solve the problem. Sometimes the battery is not charging corectly. The time of charging change but on battery all the time stays 0%.. If I unmoute the charger computer tirn off.  Is this can be a problem because of win10?  Thank you, Nives  

  • iPod Classic 7th generation: charging problems with my iPod 160gb classic

    My ipod 7th generation has just had a new battery and battery connection fitted. it shows as charging on both a docking station and a cable but when unplugged has no charge. any ideas ?

  • Acer - Charging problems

    HiI could charge my laptop in Oman,now I'm in Iran and I can't charge my laptop by same adaptor, both countries using 210~240 v plugs. What's the problem? 

  • BlackBerry Classic charging problems

    Hello there,  So i have a BlackBerry 10 Classic. Its not charging. I've bought 2 different cords to make sure that wasnt the issue. So there's a little red light that comes on in the top right corner. Then the BlackBerry startup will begin then a battery all red pops up. Then occasionally a plug with a line through it will pop up. I've gotten it to charge once. but now its just not i left it plugged into the wall for about 30 hours now. still doing the same thing. If this cant get resolved is there a way to get all my pictures off the phone?