Mac Plus SCSI Problems

  • I'm trying to get my Plus to boot off a SCSI HDD, which I know can sometimes be a feat easier said than done.

    I'm working with a generic SCSI enclosure with a 4GB drive, although I also have an OWC enclosure(same size drive) that I could use if need be.

    I initially set the drive up from my 9600 using a "patched" version of the HD SC set-up utility that(I think) came with System 6. The drive was set to ID 4, connected to the 9600 by a 3' long DB-25 to Centronics 50 cable, and a terminator...

    Mac Plus SCSI Problems
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    Respected Sir,I bought a phone Lenovo A6000 Plus from Flipkart for my friend and he is having a lot of problem with the phone and the local service center  (Varanasi, UP, India) is not helping with the same. Below are the problem that I am facing.1. Audio is very bad and there are some disturbing hissing sound before and after he plays some music. He took the phone to local service center but they said, "Sir, you must not use memory card with this phone" second time he took the phone for the same problem they said "Sir, you must've used the phone with an external speaker".2. The phone is not updating to Lollipop and every time we try to upgrade the stock recovery shows error (Your phone does not switch carrier, cannot upgrade) and stops immediately. He took it to service center and the people there asked him "Lollipop aa gaya kya iske liye?" means "Lollipop version has been released for this phone?" Don't recommend factory reset or ROM flashing because the service center has done

  • Mobile data not working on 6 Plus. No problems calling and texting.

    So I got a second hand iPhone 6 Plus from my aunt recently and I've been having trouble getting mobile data working. She was on Telstra and had no issues with mobile data, but I'm having trouble with my Optus sim. I have no problem making calls or texts at all, but mobile data isn't working at all. Even when I have full bars, there's no 4G or 3G available. I've made sure that mobile data is on and the APN information is correct. I tested mobile data with a few different sims: my mum's Telstra sim worked fine, but my brother's Virgin sim had the exact same problem as my Optus sim. Could this mean the sim is locked to Telstra? I'd always assumed a phone that's locked to a network wouldn't allow you to make calls. Any help would be appreciated, I'm going a little bit crazy.

  • New Mac Book Pro problems

    I received my refurbished MacBook Pro today but have had some issues since receiving it. Manly things like logging into things like iCloud and iTunes. Passwords are 100% correct and login as well. Tested it on my iPad. If I try to log in at the setup it would freeze the screen where I had to power down the Mac and try again..... In the end I had to enter system recover mode and re download the OS. Now that worked until I tried to log into iMessage and FaceTime. It keeps saying there is an... New Mac Book Pro problems

  • HP - OfficeJet 6500a plus has problems when the WiFi network uses WPA2

    Since I had my new Netgear router, I have had a problem with sending faxes and possibly also printing to my Officejet 6500a Plus printer from my PC.  If the Wifi type is WPA2 (or WPA + WPA2) then I can send faxes from the PC initially, but after awhile, the fax window takes awhile to come up, and after about two minutes, the computer can't communicate with the printer any more. Normal printing sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.  Also, the printer still has connectivity to the network, e.g. the network status  on the printer is connected and I can access apps  from the printer's screen, etc. turning the printer off and on fixes the prlbme, but only for about two minutes, after which it all happens again. If the router's network type is WPA, then I don't have these problems.

  • Mac Mail printing problems

    Hey every one!! I have an end user here that uses a mac in a PC based office  anyway  when they go into their mail app and attempt to print anything from mail it fails,  the printing preferences opens up  he can do all the fun printing options  and as soon as he hits print  the printing preferences window locks up and does that  half there half not thing  and it doesn't print  and mail has to be force closed, but after restarting mail  boom it prints for a little and then repeats Any thoughts im not big into the mac world i actually just got my first mac about two months ago  

  • Lenovo - Lots of Features MISSING in Moto G4 Plus. Facing Problems

    I find many features missing from Moto G4 Plus. 1. The ability to set 2 different ringtones for dual sim is not available.2. The ability to set a custom ringtone from File Manager is not available.3. The option to record a call is missing.4. The video call button is missing in the dialer.5. No Gallery app.6. The earphone push button support during call to Hang-up the call, and to play/pause music during music play is not available.7. No Restart option. No Silent option.8. No option to set a custom ringtone for a specific contact. If anyone has solution for any of the above points please HELP!Its my kind request to MOTOROLA by LENOVO to fix the above issues in the next update at the EARLIEST!

  • My MAC Plus won't start.

    I've got an old Mac Plus that seems to be compleatly dead. It used to work OK, but I havend had it switched on for years. When I switched it on recently, absolutely nothing happened! There seems to be absolutley no power grtting into it atoll. This is one of the old Macs that take a double A battery that fits into a slot in the rear of the machine, I've replaced it, on the off chance that it would make a difference, it didn't. I also know the power lead works as I used the same one... My MAC Plus won't start.

  • Lenovo - A7000 plus marshmallow problems

    After upgrading my Lenovo a7000 plus to marshmallow I noticed that applications saved to SD card are soo slow and take some time to start if I used my SD card as aportable storage I can not save applications in it and if I used it as an internal storage applications saved on it  become slow , new received SMS notifications dosnt work as before when I press ( read ) on new SMS notification it dosnt take me to SMS inbox I had to open SMS icon to read it , battery is draining too much , contact photo dosnt appear when I receive a call

  • Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe K Plus Update Problems

    After recent update on 11 July, 2016 there are problems I have faced : 1) Previously signal is indicated 3G/4G in task bar. Now nothing is indicated.2) Now system update always shows error "Network Connection Failed, Please Try Again". There are many other problems I will come across definitely & will add here. Whomsoever find problems with recent update, please mention here.

  • HP - never played 3D plus more problems

    It played 3D demos great, but never did play a blu-ray and usually played DVD's ok. Tried to get fix and found most did the same thing, then decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and at 18% installed, lost power. Next day a black screen, found hte OS was corupted.Now the most frustrating thing is HP never sent recovery discs, and no way to make them rather than to BUY them from HP. Cost me $160 to Office Depot bring to live , but lost all applications, data, and the 3D demos were gond too.I have bought nothing but HP for many years and have a small home business, from high end Laser printers, to the other 4 computors. All HP, but this ENVY 17 has me so frustrated and outright angered, will start to shop around when I replace anything now.After all this, how can I get the DVD and Blu-ray player to play in 3D as it was supposed to, or to paly at all?