Skype - Multiple problems with installation/usage

  • Firstly, i have windows 10 which may be causing some of the problems.


    Installing skype:

    It straight up is impossible to use the standard installer, as it says it cannot connect to the download server (no there are no firewalls blocking it unless it is going through some secret unknown tunnel that i cant do anything about). I have used multiple .msi installers and skypesetupfull installers, and they seem to work, however checking for updates is impossible as it says download of the skype update failed.



    anything that is in a group is impossible, nothing shows up that i am currently in a group, and any new groups i create are never shown to anyone that i add, and i cannot call them or send messages(always says message not delivered). If others add me to different groups it wont show up on the skype on my PC but will show up just fine on my phone. This is horribly frustrating , and i have no idea other than there is another port that skype uses that has been blocked for some reason.


    Hope someone can help


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