Dell - New XPS15 9550 Miracast not working

  • Does anyone have miracast working with a 9550? When I hit connect it tells me that the computer does not support miracast. I had the broadcom card and have also tried with the intel 8260 card. Has dell neutered the ability to miracast from this machine? WiDi compatibility software from intel says
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  • Dell - Dell XPS 15 9550 Ethernet not working with Dell's DA200 USB-C hub

    I am also having trouble with my XPS 15 9550 using ethernet on the DA200 or TB15 dock. I have installed all of the drivers. The symptoms using the DA200 are similar to what you describe.

  • Dell - Miracast not working after Windows 10 upgrade

    Hi, I have a Dell Precision M4800 with Intel Core i7, HD Graphics 4600 and Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-7260. With Windows 8.1 Update Miracast technology works as expected.

  • Lenovo - New T520 Function Key Not Working

     Hey forum,Just got my first ThinkPad, a T520 and after updating the UltraNav driver it appears some of my function keys no longer work. I've seen similar posts about this issue but all stem from different problems. My volume keys work, but there's no on screen image to show mute/up/down. My mic mute button does not seem to work at all, nor does the ThinkVantage button. As per the function keys, F2,F3,F5,F6,F7,F8 all do nothing when used with the function key, however i can use F4 to sleep, F12 to hibernate and the brightness and PgUp light all work. I tried BIOS to see if I could affect anything there but I didn't see any way to do that. Any help on getting the function keys working properly again would be greatly appreciated!Thanks so much in advance,ADK

  • Blackberry - PassportSQW100-1/ - Miracast not working (with LG TV).

    So I have been using Miracast on and off to different types of monitor, with great ease and success. However now that I finally got my own smart TV (LG brand), I found out that the Miracast connection just won't connect! It just keeps trying and times out without any clear error code. Other devices can connect to the LG TV just fine, and as far as I can tell my Passport can connect to other devices as well (haven't been able to test many on the newest OS). I've already reloaded the OS recently, so that doesn't seem to be a solution either. I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction!

  • Geforce - New NVIDIA grapchi card not working

    I’ve bought a new graphic card for my PC the other day which just wont work. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500, 2,93 Ghz PC: HP Compaq DC7900 CMT VGA: Intel Express Chipset 43/45Q 4 Gb RAM 360 GB HDD. PSU: 365W Windows 7 Default BIOS Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GT630 PCI-E x 16 Minimum: 300W Error: When I place the graphic card into the slot and turn on the PC, the LED blinks red, and the PC starts beeping (1 long, pause, 6 short). No image displayed on the monitor. If I leave it turned on and it repeats the beeping cycle 3 times, then the cooler starts to Hyperventilate. I turn it off at this point, because I’m affraid it my overheat. What I have tried up until now: - turned off the VGA in BIOS and set it on PCI. - reset the CMOS - deleted the VGA driver from my PC - tested the graphic card in another PC (PSU 300W) and it works. - tried placing it in the PCI-E x16 and the x4 slot as well. - checked compatibility, it should be compatible. The PC is also new (6 m

  • Windows 10 upgraded failure - Dell Inspiron N5050 - display driver not working

    The short version of this post is a warning to be careful upgrade any Dell Inspiron N5050 laptops. The issue shortly after booting up.  The display goes blank shortly after the Dell and Win splash screen (still can hear the short Win10 music rift after the screen blanks out).  The very first boot up after updating to Win10 worked fine.  After that first boot...well.  Using an external monitor works and shows the laptop didn't just crash. Booting in safe mode and looking in device manager shows an error with the display driver.  A quick web search listed others upgrade attempts with the same problem, but no solution. I doubt there's many of these laptop around, but wanted to share.  Hopefully I'm not rehashing someone else's post or crying wolf when there happens to be a fix out there.

  • I have taken my giffgaff sim out of my old phone, put in new phone, now phone not working why?

    My giffgaff sim was in a non smart phone and worked. Now I have placed giffgaff sim in a new smartphone and now it will not work. Any ideas why not. My goodybag is new. thank you Donna

  • Spotify - Marantz NR1603 'Whats'New' and 'Search' are not working

    Hello everybody I have question converning Marantz NR1603 AV receiver Spotify app.I tried to browse through 'What's new' section on my Receiver. It thinks a while and ends up showing  '--- empty ----'.It's not so long ago it still was showing new stuff. Also 'Search' function has stopped working. It gets stuck on 'Searhing' window and eventually it causes receiver to crash toally. Which is not  nice.Also this was working before. I should have latest FW-installed on my receiver. Have you made some changes so that Marantz app doesn't get any reply from your servers anymore? I can still access my playlist and listen to them without any problem. Is this problem more Marantz problem than Spotify problem?  

  • Notebook - DELL XPS 13 2015 9350 not working, random BSOD, need help !

    Hi, I received my DELL XPS 13 2015 9350 last monday (QHD+, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM), I was so happy after a long wait (I was waiting the Skylake version, and after 1 month to get delivery). One day after using it, I had a first BSOD when I turned on the computer after sleeping mode with this error : "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (btwaudio.sys)". Some hours later, I was watching a 4K video on YouTube and I got a BSOD again but another error : "0x00000869". Each time, the computer restart. And... DELL XPS 13 2015 9350 not working, random BSOD, need help !

  • Giffgaff - My new SIM card is not working all I want to do is replace my SIM card