Intel - Successful windows 10 upgrade experience but recovery partition problems

  • Hello, I upgraded my Intel Compute Stick (ICS) this 23rd January 2016 and wanted to give you my feedback.

    So first, when I started the upgrade process this document was not available yet: Microsoft Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide

    But it is more or less what I did.


    Upgrade process I did (from fresh ICS just received):

    - upgrade BIOS to v31

    - update windows 8.1 until no more updates

    - create a recovery usb disk from the windows 8.1 control panel

    - create a windows 10 32 bits iso from

    - put the ISO on a SD card, put the SD card on the ICS

    - from windows 8.1 mount the iso from the SD card, the ISO appears as a virtual disk. Launch setup.exe to initiate the upgrade

    - options selected during upgrade:

         * do not update now

         * remove all files and configurations

    - wait for the upgrade process to finish. This took about 1.5 hours but after that the ICS rebooted and did not boot again, it was stuck on the Boot ICS logo with the wheel turning. I restarted it several times. It went a bit further, then blocked, restarted it again... finally it booted.

    - I had to boot in failsafe and deactivate the SSD write cache (as stated in the aforementioned document from Intel). Booting in failsafe was tricky as F8 launches the recovery options and the recovery partition was destroyed during the upgrade. I finally managed to do this by waiting for windows to boot, shutdown the ICS dirtily and booting again. This gave me a prompt with failsafe options.

    - once this is done, reboot and update windows 10 until no more updates.


    As a summary it was a bit a pain in the back but it worked. The conclusion of this is that:

    - we can see several documents or advices on how to do the upgrade and what it should do, however it seems that not all the cases are the same, it does not mean that users have not followed the guidelines.

    - Windows 10 upgrade removes the recovery partition. Thus the F8 option at boot only give an error page.

    - the usb key created before the upgrade is useless, I was never able to boot in recovery from it.

    - although it is possible to create a system image (on USB or network for example) it is not possible to create a recovery disk. Windows complains about not having the original windows installation files to do this (of course the recovery partition is destroyed and it does not want to take neither the image used for the upgrade)


    My question though is the following:

    - Since I do not have a recovery partition anymore and that it is impossible te recreate it, is there a way to make this F8 boot option useful? As for now I just deactivated it manually in the BIOS setup.

    - In case my ICS becomes unusable, what can I do? I have an image of my system (created through Windows 10 system image utility) just after the upgrade and the Windows 10 install disk used for the upgrade




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